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A contingent represents a number of soldiers of the same type and experience, recruited from the same population. Each contingent also has a status. Contingents are what armies are made from.


Contingent Types

There are several types of contingents, depending on the Race/Culture of the populations and Land type. Each has different costs, advantages and disadvantages, depending on the terrain and orders their armies will get. Below are tables listing the non-militia contingent types available for each Land Type. In the list, the operational speed, and is given in miles per day. The battle speed is how fast the contingent can move in the battlefield, and affects pursuit. If a unit has range 20 or less, it means it is armed with javelins or another thrusting weapon, which it throws during the charge segment of the battle. The morale is the increase given over the race or culture base morale.

All values indicated are the base values, which are then modified for experience, status, terrain suitability, order, etc.


<websiteFrame> website=http://www.almansur.net/info/contingent_list?pe=Taifa height=850 width=100% border=0 scroll=yes </websiteFrame>


<websiteFrame> website=http://www.almansur.net/info/contingent_list?pe=Feudal height=850 width=100% border=0 scroll=no </websiteFrame>


<websiteFrame> website=http://www.almansur.net/info/contingent_list?pe=Berber height=850 width=100% border=0 scroll=no </websiteFrame>


<websiteFrame> website=http://www.almansur.net/info/contingent_list?pe=Imperial height=850 width=100% border=0 scroll=no </websiteFrame>


<websiteFrame> website=http://www.almansur.net/info/contingent_list?pe=Barbarian height=850 width=100% border=0 scroll=no </websiteFrame>


<websiteFrame> website=http://www.almansur.net/info/contingent_list?pe=Elvish height=850 width=100% border=0 scroll=no </websiteFrame>


<websiteFrame> website=http://www.almansur.net/info/contingent_list?pe=Dwarvish height=850 width=100% border=0 scroll=no </websiteFrame>


<websiteFrame> website=http://www.almansur.net/info/contingent_list?pe=Orc height=850 width=100% border=0 scroll=no </websiteFrame>


Militia is the weakest of the contingent types. But any land type can recruit militia from any race. So if a player has a Taifa land type, for instance, and conquers a territory with Christian population, he can recruit Christian Militia.

Militia is also useful to force migrations and colonize newly conquered territory.

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