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Game Ending

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There are several ways a game in Almansur can end. Ending the game in a advantageous situation makes part of the art of playing Almansur.


Land provoked Sudden Death

This happens when a land has attained a certain percentage of Territories and Populations, and has the largest army. This is shown as "x/y" . The current percentage is on the left of the slash (x), while the needed one is to the right of the slash (y). The needed percentage varies with the game and depends on the initial number of lands.


Alliance provoked Sudden Death

This is the same as above, but the it counts the alliances Territories, Populations, and Armies. The needed percentage depends on the number of Lands in the Alliance and the initial number of lands. roulette spielen

Player option

If enough players vote for the game to end, it will end. For this to happen, at least 75 % of the players controling at least 75 % of the territories and 75 % of the populations must vote.

Fixed Number of Turns

Some scenarios have a fixed maximum number of turns. In this case, if the game does not end before, it will end when that limit is attained.

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