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Historical Scenarios

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Historical scenarios are scenarios whose Lands, initial forces and terrain, and available contingent types and facilities are based in historical events.


Existing scenarios

Hispania 1135

It covers the Second Taifas period in the territories which are now Spain and Portugal, starting with the end of the Almoravid period, up to the Almohad invasion.

Western Europe 1135

An enlargement of the previous scenario and still to be enlarged, it currently has Hispania, France and the Western part of the Holy Roman Empire. It covers the period 1135-1150, which includes the big wars in Hispania, and the British Civil War in France, besides the wars between the French Nobles.

First Crusade

The scenario covers the political and military situation in the near east, at the time of the first crusade, from the end of 1096 to 1099.

Scenarios being prepared

Mare Nostrum 1135

Enlargement of WE1135 to cover the Mediterranean islands and North Africa. First we need naval crossing implemented...

Europe 1009

This large scenario will cover all of Europe in the beginning of the XIth century. It starts immediately after the fall of the Cordoba Caliphate in Hispania.

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