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When you go to Economy => Market you will have a list of all the available resources and its market price, with the amounts you can buy on the left and the amounts you can sell on the right. Use the appropriate text boxes to issue trading orders. Bellow you can see the added values of your issued buying and selling orders, and by clicking in the button “trade” the order(s) will be given and executed.

Each trade is affected by the market commission, which is a percentage of the total value of the transaction, and will be added to the goods you buy and deducted from the goods you sell. Note that the added value of your orders already contains the calculated commission for the orders given.

The prices of the resources available in the market will start approximately at a fixed reference price and then float according to the following aspects:

  • Your buying and selling decisions. When you buy something the price of that resource will go up. When you sell it will go down. This is aspect that has a greater impact in price shift;
  • The buying and selling actions around your Land. They will also affect your prices in the same direction as the first point, although they don’t have the same impact as your actions;
  • The reference price of each good. As prices derive from their reference prices the float away from it will become smaller, and the float back to it will become bigger. Also if you do not trade the price will slowly tend to go back to the reference price.

The amounts of goods you can trade in the market depend upon:

  • A fixed base quantity for each resource;
  • The number of inhabitants your realm has. The higher your total population is, the higher the amounts of goods you can trade in the market;
  • The price of the good. When prices go up, you will be able to buy higher amounts and vice-versa.
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