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Population Races and Cultures

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A population type is usually a distinctive cultural/social organization, and sometimes a species, for fantasy world scenarios only.

In each populated territory, you will find populations that can be of several types, some matching one land type and others that can be the base for several land types. When you start a game, your population will match your land type, if not totally, at least in its vast majority. As you expand, you may conquer populations that are not the base of your land type, but that you can nevertheless control. These populations will be harder to make loyal, and from those you only have limited recruitment options.


Historical Cultures


Berbers originate from North Africa and are very well adapted to their native warm climate. They fight with light troops, very mobile and usually with good numbers of cavalry.


Christians are the descendents of the romans and barbarians that converted to Christianity.


Legend tells that the Goths came from Scandinavia forth long ago under their king, Berig by name. They migrated south-east along the Vistula during the 3rd century, and then settled north of the Danube, where they entered in contact with the Romanized populations.


Jews are the descendents of the Israelites of the ancient Middle East. After they lost a revolt against the Roman Authorities in 135AD, the jewish population was spread all over the Roman Empire.


Muwalladeen are the descendents of arab and berber invaders of Hispania under Tariq, and those of the native population that converted to Islam.


These are the peoples who accepted the Roman way of life. They prefer the pleasures of life to fights and violence.


The Vandals are an East Germanic tribe which entered the Roman Empire in the beginning of the V century.

Comparison Table

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Fantasy Races


Humans are the most spread race in the world. They are flexible and resourceful. They are at ease in most terrain types except swampy terrain.


Orcs are humanoid, but smaller than humans, ugly, and filthy by human standards. They breed easily and are perfectly at ease in swampy areas, but dislike wooded terrain. They fight with ferocity, but have little staying power.


Uruk-Hai is a warrior race. They weight more than 120 Pounds, and both males and females have military training. This means that the reproduction rate and economic value are very low. They are more flexible than orc, but they also dislike wooded terrain.


Barbarians are humans that still live in a primitive tribal and warrior society. Survival of the fitest is a tradition for them, and they are usualy well-built, and adapt well to almost all terrain types. They give good mercenary contingents.


Elfs are tall elegant beings that love nature and specially the forests. They are not numerous nor aggressive by nature, but can be formidable warriors, and their archers have a tremendous reputation.


Dwarves are relatively small but very tough and well built. They are the most materialistic beings and usually dwell in underground caves searching for riches. In a field of battle they are courageous and fearless.

Comparison Table

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