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The information about all that happens in your land is accessible from this section. All reports are dated and, by default, you can see the reports of the last turn, but by selecting in the respective check-box you can access any report. There are four types of reports (use the respective tab to choose whish you want to view).


In the preferences section, it is possible to select where each type of report should appear. You can think of this as a personalized news system, where you select what news shall appear on the "first page". The possibilities are:

  • Briefing (on the Briefing page)
  • Land
  • Specialized section (Diplomacy, Economy, Military, Territories)

There is also the shared reports, which are reports shared between members of the same alliance.


Diplomacy reports

Here appear reports about new lands you come in contact with, and changes in diplomatic status that affect your land, like war declarations.

Economic reports

These reports are generated by economic events, such as facility upgrades/downgrades concluded;

Military reports

Army reports are those generated by your armies, such as information about movements, battles, assaults and conquest attempts. Whenever there is a battle your army will generate a detailed report that you can access from here, with the information about the battle. This includes information on participating contingents, status, morale, experience, armor and what happened in each phase of the battle. Note that all information displayed about the enemy is your armies estimate, and so only by an extreme coincidence it will be totally accurate. In some cases your army may not give you the detailed information about the battle. This may happen when your army was very small and was totally destroyed. Also when your armies participate in assaults, both offensively and defensively, they will issue a detailed report about it, with the level of information depending upon what happened to them;

Territory reports

Territory reports are those produced by the populations in your territories, namely information about the passing armies they detect, with the estimate of their size, and information about attempts to conquer the territory.

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