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All resources shown in the game are those owned directly by the lord of the Land.

The resources are stored at the capital and are displayed at the top of the screen and available to use in the market, recruitment and facility construction;

All facilities produce directly to the lord, who the resources at his capital. There is no need to manage the actual shipping of resources and money back and forward.

In Economy => Resources you can visualize the stocks of resources you have at your disposal (central stock), as well as the amount currently being produced per turn, and the additional ways of receiving and using them. By clicking in each facility you can see the list of the relevant facility type that produces it, where you may upgrade or downgrade them. As you will be able to see as you play the game, these resources will be used for a variety of things, from building facilities to recruiting and maintaining armies, and so they will have an important role in the management of your realm.

The list of resources is the following:

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In this table the column “Reference Price” shows the initial price of each resource in the market, and the column “Unit” displays the measuring unit used for each resource. Animals are measured in heads (number of beings), gold is measured in coins called “Ducats”, and the other resources are measured by weight. A pound is the quantity of food an average human needs to eat per day. A ton equals 1000 pounds.

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