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Diplomacy Status

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Diplomacy is a very important part of Almansur. The world is full of small independent states. Ambitious Lords may very well be in your borders and look at your Land with greed. Others may have the resources that you are missing (that rich gold mine!) or they may hold relevant strategic positions such as an important fortress. You will need to establish relations with your neighbors, being them of a commercial, military or political nature, including the forging of mighty alliances.

A Land has a Diplomatic Relation with another land, if at least one of the two lands knows a territory owned by the other land (by being adjacent or in the proximity). Lands without a relation can’t interact at all, not even send a message.

Status View

In Diplomacy => Status you will see a list containing the following information:

  • Land. This is a list of the names of all the lands with which you currently have a diplomatic relation. You can access a short description of each Land by clicking its name (but note that this description is static, it will not evolve with the game).
  • Relation. This shows you the current diplomatic status with each Land. There are only four types of possible relations:
    • War. The name pretty much speaks for itself! You’re at war with that Land, and armies from both sides may battle or try to conquer each others territories.
    • Peace, which is the default neutrality state when two Lands have their first contact. Any movement into a neutral territory will be automatically cancelled, so don't forget to declare war, or your surprise invasion will fail;
    • Friendship. This represents a trustful relation between two lands. It will allow each other to move freely through the friends’ territories, and will allow armies to coexist in the same territory without fighting;
    • Alliance. This represents a formal alliance between the Lands, allowing more collaboration possibilities than a friendship status. See Alliances for details.
  • Since. This column shows when did the current diplomatic state was implemented.
  • We Share. This shows each options of shared information you are currently allowing the other Lands to access/see. You can go to Land => Preferences to set each you want to share.
  • They Share. This shows each options of shared information the other Lands are currently allowing you to access/see. Naturally you have no control over this, other than in game political or military pressure to “convince” a Land to give you information.

To the left of each Land is a checkbox that you can select to send that/those Land/Lands a message.

Changing Diplomatic Status

Diplomatic relationship is in general not binding, so anyone may break the current status whenever they see fit and create a new one, according to the following rules:

  • In order to upgrade a relation you need to send a message to the Land in question proposing the new diplomatic status intended, and wait for that Lord to accept your proposal. Only then will the new relation exist. Every proposal will have a period to be answered, varying between 15 and 60 game days, according to the sender’s choice. If that period goes by without a positive reply (either by direct refusal or lack of response), your proposal will be automatically rejected and lose validity. If the proposal is accepted, the wanted relation is implemented immediately upon acceptance, no need to wait for the turn to be processed.
  • In order to downgrade a relation you can only change one level per turn, and you also need to send a message containing your intended new diplomatic relation. However there is no need to wait for an answer, this will be implemented immediately (There is no need for your opponent to “accept” a war declaration, it is automatic!). This gives allies a relative trust in each other, since the other may not attack you by surprise, he must spend a few turns giving warning of the degradation of the relation and convincing his peasants of the righteousness of his cause!
  • To declare war you can do so formally, by sending a message announcing your declaration of war. Naturally, and considering the previous point, you can only declare war to Lands you are currently at peace at the beginning of the turn, not in friendship of alliance.
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