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Victory in Almansur is decided by victory points at game's end. There are two types of victory points: Common VPs and Feat VPs.



Common VPs

Common VPs are the "instant picture" of the Land's status and power. VPs are given for territories possessed, army strength and resources. More specifically:


Points for revenue, natural resources and facilities present in each owned territory.


Total army power, which is calculated using the characteristics of each type of troop in the army and its experience.


This is the value, at initial prices, of the resources the land has.


Represents the total subject population. Vassal lands (in a Hierarchical alliance) give half of the value to overlords.

Feat VPs

Feat VPs are the memory of the deeds the land made during the course of play. It includes Battles fought, Trade, Handicap and Objectives attained.


Victories and defeats in battles and assaults. More victory points are won and lost in highly contested battles, or when an inferior army defeats a (supposedly) superior one.


This is the value of resources and territories given to other lands. Sending resources or giving territories earns trade VPS, receiving reduces trade VPs, so that the total VPs of the land are not affected by trade and territory giving.


These points are earned each time a facility in a territory belonging to the player finishes its construction. Downgrading facilities gives negative points.


Each turn, 1% of the Common VPs are accumulated in the History VPs. This means that if a Land had a glorious period, even if later is defeated, it will keep some of its VPs.


Specially in historical games, weaker lands can receive VPs at the beginning of the game to even the score. This points are then fixed for the duration of the game.

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